Karva Chauth

Every woman has her own make-up preferences; while some women prefer to experiment with bold colors, others prefer to keep things simple with neutral hues and colors. When it comes to getting ready for an event like Karwa Chauth, every girl wants to create a unique experience for the person she loves, and rightfully so. Here are some unique make-up ideas and suggestions for Karwa Chauth to help you feel like a true diva.

Makeup for Karwa Chauth: How to Prepare Your Face

It’s critical that you prepare your face for any kind of make-up application before you apply it. Prepping now not only extends the life of the make-up, but it also protects the pores and skin from the harsh effects of chemicals. Here’s what you should do:

To feel radiant, you must cleanse thoroughly. Choose a purifier that matches your skin type and use it to cleanse your face and neck. If your skin requires exfoliation, you can use any suitable scrub that is appropriate for your skin type to scrub away the dead skin cells. Exfoliation is also necessary for removing blackheads and whiteheads from the pores and skin.

You can apply a face percent to your face and neck to revive tired and worn-out pores and skin.

To close the open pores on your face, toning is essential after cleansing. To give your face a boost of freshness, choose an amazing toner.

These Makeup Looks for Karwa Chauth Will Brighten Up Your Face

If you want to look your best and dazzle everyone around you, pair one of our precise Karwa Chauth make-up looks with your stunning outfit and stunning jewellery and you’ll look fantastic. Here are a few make-up looks that will brighten your face:

  1. Prepare to Shine!

This is a look for the diva in you! The gleam and bling will give you more oomph and make you look like a millionaire! This shimmery make-up is something you should try if you’re going for a dewy, herbal look! For new brides, this is also a great Karwa Chauth bridal make-up search.

  • Cosmetics for the eyes

Use a glittery eye shadow to draw attention to your eyes. Make sure you’re not putting too much colour into your eyes. Lighter colours, such as red and brown, should be used. The eye-liner can be used to add drama to the eyes. Winged eyes will look perfect, but if you can’t get the look, swipe your eyes with a light stroke of black or brown eyeliner. Using multiple mascara strokes, make your lashes appear fuller.

  • Cosmetics for the Cheeks

Use a bronzer to draw attention to the apple of your cheeks, but don’t go overboard. Pick a colour that goes well with your pores and skin tone. You can also apply a smidgeon of blusher to your cheeks.

Lipstick Makeup

When attempting the bright make-up look, keep the lips close to their natural colour. Lighter sun shades in pinks, peaches, or browns are a good choice. Muted lip glosses are ideal for this look, but shiner lip hues in muted tones could also be used.

  • Hairstyle

After giving your hair a nice blow dry, you can wear it down. A messy bun, on the other hand, could be a great way to finish the look if you want to tie your hair up.

  1. Colourful Splash

Why not try something new and incorporate a splash of vibrant colourings into your regular make-up routine? This look is a contrast to the neutral monochromatic colours because it features loopy lip colourings and determined eyes.

  • Cosmetics for the eyes

Make your eyes pop with a few contrasting colours. If you have a fair complexion, yellows and vegetables are ideal; if you have a darker complexion, purples and blues are ideal. Simply apply a thin line of eyeliner to the top lid and a light coat of mascara.

  • Cosmetics for the Cheeks

To avoid any coloration confusion on the face, you can use the blusher. However, if you want to highlight your cheeks, you could use a natural-looking blusher.

  • Lipstick Makeup

With this appearance, you can be more ambitious in your work. You can choose to use a contrasting pop colour at the lips or simply let your eyes do the talking while playing muted around your lips – the choice is yours. Remember not to go overboard with the make-up, or you’ll end up with a make-up faux pas.

  • Hairstyle

You must maintain a neat and unfussy coiffure. Uploading a lot of drama to the crown isn’t a good idea. Apply a small amount of styling gel to your hair and comb it straight away for a neat appearance.

  1. The Smokey Eyes

This dark-eyed look is a fantastic make-up trend that looks great on people of all skin tones. That is the best search for you if you want to improve your vision.

  • Cosmetics for the eyes

Apply a darkish blue, charcoal, or black eyeshadow to your top lid and blend it in. Carefully sweep the eyeshadow outwards to create a winged effect. Apply a thicker line of eyeliner to the top of the eyelids and lower the eyelids. Apply a few strokes of mascara to complete the smoky look. You can also use fake eyelashes to add a touch of glitz to your look.

  • Cosmetics for the Cheeks

When playing with darker hues across the eyes, you must either skip the cheek area or keep it as natural as possible. Simply add a smidgeon of purple to add some vibrancy to the look.

  • Lipstick Makeup

Only a smidgeon of a muted colour should be visible on the lips. A pale purple or peach would look good on fair skin, while a lighter mauve or violet would look good on dark skin.

  • Hairstyle

Curl your hair in gentle curls to add a little more zing to your look. You can also tie them in a French knot for a more professional look.

  1. The Extremely Classic Look

You can try traditional make-up looks for Karwa Chauth if you want to keep your appearance traditional.

  • Cosmetics for the eyes

The eyes are the most prominent feature of traditional make-up. Begin with the application of golden eyeshadow to your eyes. With a few highlighter, draw attention to the lower forehead area. Apply a thick line of kohl to your inner eyelids and a thick line of kohl to your upper eyelids. Mascara is a must-have for this look.

  • Cosmetics for the Cheeks

For contouring, apply a darker blusher to your cheeks and blend well.

  • Lipstick Makeup

You can use a darker purple or maroon colour on the lips to achieve a traditional royal appearance, or you can use mellowed sun sunglasses of lip coloration to appear more relaxed and sparkling.

  • Hairstyle

Make a low-returned bun with your hair. Alternatively, you could braid your hair into a long plait and wrap it in glistening plant life.

  1. The Traditional Nude Look

If you don’t want to wear brighter colors or more powerful sun shades, a nude look might be for you. Make your standard karwa chauth make-up and coiffure angelic by adding a traditional nude twist to it.

  • Cosmetics for the eyes

Use a lighter eyeshadow to draw attention to your eyes. Outline your eyes with a brown or grey liner. For this look, you can avoid using black mascara and instead opt for brown or grey mascara.

  • Cosmetics for the Cheeks

For this look, there are no contoured cheeks. Simply add a smidgeon of colour to the cheeks to complete the look. To keep things simple, opt for herbal or nude sun sunglasses.

  • Lipstick Makeup

For this look, there are no bright colors. To achieve an appropriate nude appearance, use dewy or clean-looking pinkish colorations. For your lips, you can use gloss or tinted lip balm, or go with neutral to purple sun sunglasses.

  • Hairstyle

Because you’ve chosen a more natural look, your hairstyle should be simple and uncomplicated as well. Backcomb and give your crown a bit of a peak, then pull your hair back and tie it in a neat ponytail or bun.

Wear a lovely outfit, add a few bold accessories, and try any of the above make-up looks to appear like a diva for the love of your life. You could complete your Karwa Chauth look with a bindi, some sindoor, and a few bangles. This Karwa Chauth, you’re ready to have a one-of-a-kind experience and appearance.

It is a dream for every bride to look their best on their special day, but the bill surely burns a hole in the pocket. Brides and their bridesmaids spend days trying to get inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest to finalize on bridal outfits, hairstyles, and make-up ideas. As always, we are here to help you shortlist make-up artists based in Delhi under a budget of 15k!

  1. Raashi Wallia

Raashi’s approach to make-up is unique, flawless & simple: “for me, it’s all about using the best & the right products on the right skins to bring out the individuals beauty and serenity and look her/ his best with the natural and flawless look to bring out the best features!” She also has advanced in the Air-Brush Technique in the making up of the person’s beauty.


Bridal:  Rs. 12,000.00

Family Member:  Rs. 3,000.00

HD Makeup:  Rs. 15,600.00

Other Occasions:  Rs. 10,000.00

Trial:  Rs. 2,500.00

  1. Divamakers Makeup Studio

Divamakers Makeup Studio has been giving bridal makeovers for the past 5 years now. They would be willing to give you pre-wedding as well as wedding makeovers. They use all the high-end products such as morphe, mac, makeup revolution. With so many years of experience, they deliver the best to their clients and are there to enhance your beauty. They are based out in Delhi and would even travel outstations to offer their services. Services provided: bridal make-up, airbrush makeup, party makeup, engagement makeup, hair styling, draping.


Bridal:  Rs. 12,500.00

  1. Geeta Kapoor

Geeta has been in the industry for the past 7 years and has a good understanding of her art. She will help you through your entire ‘ getting ready’ process and make you look flawless. Geeta Kapoor is a Delhi-based makeup artist who is popular for her stunning bridal makeovers. She is a perfectionist and strives to create unique and suitable looks for her clients. Geeta has worked with famous models, celebrities and has collaborated with countless photoshoots.


Airbrush Makeup:  Rs. 15,000.00

Bridal:  Rs. 10,000.00

Family Member:  Rs. 2,000.00

Groom:  Rs. 2,000.00

HD Makeup:  Rs. 12,000.00

Other Occasions:  Rs. 7,000.00

Trial:  Rs. 2,000.00

  1. Makeover destination bygpriya

Makeover Destination by GPriya is an exquisite makeup and hairstyling service based in Delhi NCR. A certified makeup artist by Vidya Tikari, she is passionate about makeup and new trends specializing in bridal makeup. A versatile makeup artist, she creates the most beautiful looks that enhance the natural features of every bride. Be it a pre-wedding function or your wedding day, she has an excellent skill set and understands the theme of the occasion and the bride’s vision before beginning her magic. She provides personalized service keeping in mind your choices amalgamated with the latest trends. Services offered: Bridal makeoverairbrush, engagement makeup, party makeup, hair styling, draping, nail polish change. Paid Trial offered- Money is adjusted if booking takes place.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 14,000.00
  1. Smridhi Dua Makeover

Having about 2 years of Experience in Bridal Makeup, Smridhi Dua Makeupover is based in Delhi. She is certified from Mama Academy, Delhi. She just helps make a bride feel confident and Charming. To see more of her work go through the pictures. Client Satisfaction is her main priority. Products used by her are MAC, Huda Beauty, NARS, Inglot, Kryolan, etc. Services offered: bridal make-up, airbrush makeup, party makeup, engagement makeup, hair styling, draping, extensions.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 12,000.00
  1. Mohiini Makeovers

Neha Gupta, a professional make up artist, specializes in all types of latest makeup at the ease of your home. Inaya Makeovers By Neha is a well-known name in Delhi NCR as well as beyond. She keeps her bride subtle but gorgeous at the same time. This transforming talent of her makes her work amazing. Services offered: airbrush makeup, party makeup for family, engagement makeup, outstation makeup.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 11,000.00
  1. Shabeena Ausaf

Shabeena is a Delhi Based makeup artist primarily catering to bridal makeup using high-quality products from Lakme, Revlon, and Oriflame. Shabeena is one of the top bridal makeup artists of Delhi/NCR. Apart from working on weddings, she has lent her expertise for shoots and editorials. She skilfully curates the perfect look that suits the outfit, personality as well as the event. Famous for her beautifully done coral tones, non-cakey base and the effortlessly natural bride she manages to produce, Avantika has succeeded in creating a fantastic reputation for herself over the years. Her techniques are as new as can be. She extends her services to not just the bride but also the bridal party. She uses well-renowned products to create unique looks. She’s also very popular for her airbrush looks and has been highly appreciated for the same. She understands the nuance of every event and never leaves the bride even slightly disappointed.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 7,000.00
  • Family Member:  Rs. 3,000.00
  • Other Occasions:  Rs. 5,000.00
  1. G2V Makeovers

G2V Makeovers is a bridal makeup artist based in Delhi NCR. Weddings are one of the most festive and memorable times in the life of a bride where she makes memories for life while being the center of attention. If you wish to look your best on your big day with flawless makeup and perfect hair so that you can stun each one of your onlookers, then your search can end here. G2V Makeovers will make your wedding much more memorable by transforming you into the most beautiful bride. Services offered: bridal make-up, engagement make-up, party make-up, hair styling, draping, nail polish.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 10,000.00
  1. Makeup By Chhavi Kalra

Makeup By Chhavi Kalra is a team of professional makeup artists who have been practicing make up for about 1 year now. She is based in Jalandhar but also travels outside her city to offer makeup services. She uses high-end international brands like Mac, Krylon, Huda Beauty. She provides quality makeup to her clients She offers services like bridal makeup, engagement makeup, party makeup, airbrush makeup, hair styling, draping, nail polish change, extensions.


  • Bridal:  ₹10,000.00
  1. Ritu Desai

Products Used Nars, Natasha Denona, Kylie Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Makeup Forever, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, Stila, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme, Smashbox, Urban Decay….to name a few! She beautifies brides with the utmost care and preciseness and is a master in the art.


  • Bridal:  Rs. 13,500.00

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